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Espen, Jake Pierce & Ransom – Serviced

The more I spoke with Jake, it sounded like he wanted to get piggy for his oral scene. Blow job videos are his favorite to watch, and he loves watching a guy get face fucked until tears are streaming down his eyes. Jake also likes older guys with beards, and before the shoot, Ransom suggested he should jump in so he and Espen could TagTeam his mouth. Jake immediately turned submissive as he worshiped Espen’s big cock. Ransom gets in there with a camera and his dick out. Jake takes turns sucking both their cocks, eventually managing to get both in his mouth.

The two dudes didn’t want to be unfair and get all the attention, so they got Jake on his back while they took turns sucking his cock and having him suck their dicks. Espen sat on Jake’s face too, which is also one of Jake’s favorite things to do. Espen then fuck Jake’s face. While his eyes only teared-up some, he managed to take Espen’s cock all the way down his throat. Jake stays on his back while Espen shoves his cock and balls in his face. Ransom turns up the speed on jerking and sucking on Jake, making his dick cum.

Espen then coats his face with his load. Ransom climbs on top of Jake’s chest and adds his own jizz to Espen’s, coating Jake’s face with two giant loads!

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