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Jaden Taylor & Leo Ocean

Sometimes you know when a couple of guys are really gonna get along well, other times it’s a complete surprise just how horny it gets. This is one of the latter. New guy Jaden is eager to impress, but we don’t think it’s just that eagerness that led to this awesome fuck with lucky young Leo. The guys are so passionate and hot with each other you could be forgiven for thinking they’ve been lovers for a while. They really haven’t, this is the first time they’ve met. The kissing is sensual, the cock sucking is deliciously hot, but it’s the eager fucking as Leo humps his perfectly smooth butt to power in and out of his new friend that takes them closer and closer to a cummy finish. Leo gives the new guy an excellent first-time fuck on camera, giving him a ride, ramming him from behind and finally getting Jaden on his back for some deep thrusting, finishing up with a couple of splashing cum loads erupting from their dicks in a wanking finish. You’re instantly a Jaden fan, right?

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