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Ivan Jedlik & Milos Ovcacek – Raunchy

Two hot and horny straight guys, Ivan Jedlik and Milos Ovcacek with a new beard, are kissing at the start of a very raunchy scene. Milos moves Ivan to the bed. With Ivan on his knees Milos spanks his ass, through his jeans. He pulls the jeans down a little and spanks the ass, kissing it too. Ivan moans as Milos works, pushing up the sweater and kissing the back. Ivan’s jeans are pulled off the ass so Milos can spank it, kiss it and tongue the hot hole too. Ivan moans loudly as the hot tongue works on his tight hole. Milos pulls Ivan’s cock through his legs as he licks the ass and kisses the balls. Then the tongue licks Ivan’s cock too. Ivan lays on his belly as Milos continues to slap the ass and lick the hot hole. Then Ivan is turned over and Milos begins to suck on the hard cock. Ivan keeps up his moaning as he enjoys the hot mouth on his cock. Milos deep throats that rock hard dick taking it right down to the balls. Ivan gets naked as Milos lays on the bed. He sucks on Mios’ huge, hard cock. Then Ivan turns around to present his ass to that big cock. Milos slides his dick into the tight hole and starts to fuck. As he fucks that tight hole Milos slaps it with the belt. Ivan’s moaning continues as the belt hooks round his neck to pull him back onto the big cock. Milos keeps spanking and fucking the hot hole for a while. Then he lays on the bed and Ivan slides his ass down on that massive pole. Milos fucks it up into Ivan’s ass. That dick really stretches the ass wide as Milos fucks. Ivan wanks himself as he takes the dick all the way in his ass. Milos’ fucking gets faster and Ivan wanks hard. He keeps wanking as Milos pounds his hole. He lays on his back to take that cock again. Milos keeps fucking as hard as he can until he is ready to cum, then he pulls out and shoots his load over Ivan’s cock and balls.

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Added: 30-11-2018 Duration: 21 min. Genre: Amateur, Bareback, Big Dick, Lad, Twink Channel: Featuring: , Views:
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