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Landon and Alex Have Some Fun

Landon Matthews and Alex Meyer waste no time getting each other hot and horny, making out and pulling off their clothes before Alex starts sucking Landon’s dick. Landon kneels above him, cock in Alex’s mouth, as Landon reaches down and slowly jerks Alex’s shaft with his hand, keeping Alex’s underwear on as he teases that dick through the fabric. Landon’s got a taste for some sweet cock too and he yanks off Alex’s underwear and takes that dick in his mouth, his tongue teasing the tip of Alex’s cock before tracing lines up and down the shaft.

When Alex is good and hard, Landon buries his cock in that tight ass and fucks Alex good, pounding him doggy style as Alex moans with each of Landon’s strong thrusts. Alex’s tight hole grips Landon’s thick member, squeezing him from base to tip as he pulls in and out and then turns Alex onto his back to fuck him some more. Alex wraps his hand around his shaft, stroking himself as he gets pounded until both these studs are shooting their load, cum dripping from their cocks as they ride our their orgasm.

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