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Oops, I Forgot Your Clothes! – Rego Bello & Angel Ventura

Rego Bello and Angel Ventura have come to the gym for their workout together. Angel was supposed to bring Rego’s gym clothes, but it appears he forgot and the only thing he brought was Rego’s jock strap. After a brief argument about forgetting the clothes, they decide they should just fuck in the locker room. Angel quickly gets both of them undressed and begins sucking Rego’s cock deep down his throat. Rego then sucks Angel’s big hard cock. They move into a 69 where Rego rims Angel’s ass and Angel continues sucking Rego’s hard cock. Rego then fucks Angel from behind doggy style. They then move to the floor where Angel rides Rego’s cock and then Rego fucks Angel on his back until they both explode with cum.

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