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Boy Logan – Chapter 4: Slave Boy

Being a master is harder than it looks. Sure, there are plenty of perks: subservient boys, warm mouths, tight holes. But it requires self-discipline as well. It can be easy to look into the big, bright eyes of the slaves you take on and feel passion and affection for them. Afterall, they’re adorable.

But ownership is different than simple dominance. The slaves can get confused and misunderstand their place if you’re not firm and consistent. I’ll admit, sometimes I just want to cuddle and be sweet. But a good master knows they can’t forget what they are: possessions. Property.

Logan is especially cute. When he has his lips wrapped around on my cock, my heart gets as full as his mouth. To keep him (and me) in check, I will often leave Logan alone in his slave cell for extended periods. Sometimes he’s in his cage, but sometimes my generosity gets the better of me and I leave him out. But those periods are good for me and him. He gets used to the idea that he’s only out when I need him, and I begin to see him more like a pet.

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