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Robin Moore and Eli Lincoln Get Pounded

In this weeks new gay porn video release from ColbyKnox we have an all out unscripted fuck fest featuring a couple of CK favorites, Robin Moore and Eli Lincoln!!! The foursome kind of pair up in this one from start to finish. Its no secret that Colby Chambers is a HUGE fan of Eli’s ample and perfectly rounded ass, so he does not hesitate to stake his claim early on. Not that Mickey Knox or Robin Moore mind, Mickey starting off on Robin Moore by getting a big mouthful of his pleasantly plump cock. Meanwhile Colby starts to spread Eli Lincoln ass cheeks wide open so he can sate himself with a nice big mouthful. They dont waste to much time in this one, can tell they were all foaming at the mouth for eachother before the cameras even got turned on. Eli Lincoln takes a dominate command of Colby Chambers dick as he bucks and rides the tan muscled stud for all he is worth!!! Robin Moore just loves to plant his knees and pop his ass right out for the taking, and take Mickey Knox does!!! The sexy married couple each having one of the two sexy guests wrapped around their cocks, proceed to hump pump and plow away at these two beautiful twinks until there isn’t a dry cock left in the house.

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Added: 21-07-2019 Duration: 36 min. Genre: Amateur, Bareback, Group, Lad, Twink Channel: Featuring: , , , Views:
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