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Evan Ryker & Frazer Bell

Hubba Hubba, we have to be so careful finding partners for Evan Ryker, some of the guys just can’t take that length of dick but sexy, plucky (lucky) Frazer Bell is as much of a show off as he is cute and sexy and this lad likes a challenge. I mean just look at that thing, Evan Ryker is sporting a good 9-10 inches of solid, pulsating, uncut meat and he’s proud of it ( wouldn’t you be) Frazer’s eyes are out on stalks, then his tongue’s out and then he’s on his knees putting that talented throat to damn good use as Evan writhes and moans with pleasure, waving is manhood around like a flag pole. AND then comes the test can Frazer take the whole, hot, bareback length up his tight fuck-chute and will this boy be sitting on a rubber ring on the bus as he makes his way home?

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