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Austin Wolf & Chris Loan

Chris Loan gets the kind of top he REALLY likes: Austin Wolf ! He’s giddy to be with big-muscled Austin in a condom-free scene and Austin is just as eager to get his hands on Chris. Soon after they make out and are wrapped in each other’s beefy bods, lusty Chris is on his knees sucking Austin and teasing his meaty pecs. It also doesn’t take long for Austin to play with Chris’ ass and get him to turn around for some expert rimming.

After eating him out while jacking his cock, Austin gets Chris to sit on his cock and he rides his cock with boundless energy. Austin slows him with passionate kisses and more ass eating, but even Austin can’t help getting Chris excited again teasing his cock and fingering his hole. He then gives Chris a full cock thrust and pounds his juicy hole from behind, just as Chris wants. And he makes him want it more when he slows down and picks up the pace again.

Austin lets Chris ride him again and he goes from a cowboy to a reverse position in which he works his hole on Austin’s cock. Chris slams his cock, building a steady rhythm and pumping his thick cock until he cums over himself. He’s happy for Austin to fuck him on his back and when Austin gets close, limber Chris lifts his thick muscled legs higher. With a target in full view Austin shoots his cum over Chris’s hole and finishes inside him. The intensity still hovers in the air as they kiss..both fantasies fulfilled at last.

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