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Still Got It – Colby Chambers & Mickey Knox

In this weeks new gay porn feature release from ColbyKnox, COLBY AND MICKEY!!!! Ironically videos featuring the studios namesake’s working together are few and far between because as many are aware, they are also the primary BTS crew. However we will hopefully have more of these to look forward to in the near future as the boys have finally found a reliable crew member who is currently in training. The movie starts out with Colby Chambers and Mickey Knox laughing and having fun, being their usually goofy selves. Doesn’t take long before those smiles melt in to faces of pure carnal lust for one another. They get us all breathing heavy with a generous makeup session as they caress and paw at each other, both getting horny and worked up thinking of the flip fuck to come. Mickey Knox can’t miss an opportunity to lick, kiss and suck his husbands impressive throbbing member and with oral skills like Mickey’s, Colby Chambers cant resist standing his man up and giving him a nice solid pounding from behind. But Mickey Knox has something else in mind for the bulk of this steamy hot fuck scene, letting Colby spread his cheeks and lower himself down on his gorgeous dick in a beautiful and passionate riding position. Colby Chambers moans and even gasps as his husbands big thick cock goes in and out of his plump hungry ass. Mickey Knox puts Colby on his back for the big finish as he pounds and plows away, causing a most impressive eruption of cum all over Colby’s abs!!

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