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Richie West Pounding Jj Smitts

Richie West prepares himself to bottom today as he and JJ Smitts sit in the room together, chatting before moving on to the fun stuff. Their lips come together gently in a kiss as they make out, clothes coming off piece by piece until Richie’s naked on the bed. JJ gets between Richie’s legs, mouth on that cock as he sucks that dick and feels Richie grow hard as rock on his wet tongue. They change places as Richie gets on his knees to gives JJ head, his mouth stuffed full of sweet dick as he bends JJ’s legs up to get a taste of that ass.

Rimming his tight pink hole, Richie’s tongue traces circles around JJ’s entrance, teasing that sensitive muscle with his warm, wet mouth. JJ’s freshly licked ass, dripping with Richie’s spit, it begging to be fucked and Richie buries his throbbing cock inside it. Pushing deeper, he fills JJ with his raw prick, fucking him from every angle so he can feel how tight that little ass is as he pounds it bareback. As JJ turns onto his back, he reaches for his dick and strokes it until he cums, letting Richie shoot his load all over him as he pumps out every last drop of seed.

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