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Edgardo hangover fuck session

Edgardo hangover fuck session
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Edgardo hangover fuck session video was the following morning after this sexy young Latino Beefcake spent a night out partying with his friends, going totally against my recommendation to stay home and be fresh for the next morning at BeefCakeHunter Land, but Edgardo is kind of rebel… I guess lol He arrived at the studio in his sexy “Jesus Edition” look, that I find really hot but at the same time looking that he hasn’t sleep at all, so I had two options: to re-schedule the scene or just go ahead and see what happens, so I opted for the latest, it wasn’t a bad idea after all, at least he was more relaxed, more engage, funnier than the first time. Packing a week load, he has decided to go for this second round at the BCH arena, he needs to save some money for a car, the poor thing has no car at the moment and is having a hard time going to work. Laying down in bed I could tell that he was more than ready, and when he started to undress himself , I remembered that one of the things that I like the most about Beefcake Edgardo are his hairy legs, and for those Hunters that love hairy asses, he got that as well and you will get a better glance of that in some parts of this Edgardo hangover fuck session video! He was so inviting, so I went straight for his nipples, I knew he wouldn’t complaint, meanwhile I was jerking, by then, his soft cock, that it didn’t take long to start getting hard and hard. When his dick was hard, I begun to suck it and deep throat it as well, his soft moaning was like music to my ears…ummmm. During this part I totally forgot to play the straight porn for him, he did not notice either, like I told him when he asked me for it, I wanted his undivided attention , I knew he was extra horny that morning and I loved that he put his hand on my shoulder and back, that is always a good sign, right Hunters? 😉 The pick point was when I got to his balls, his moaning became intense… he is very sensitive down there. He wanted to bust right there in my mouth, but no Sir, I still needed to get pounded , so I got on my fours and this time I play the porn to keep him in the zone, even though it wasn’t the greatest pounding I have received, it was long and it felt great. Noticing that he was enjoying himself was also very satisfying. For the grand finale, I made him seat down and while I was licking his tasty balls, he jerked off until shoot a big fat creamy load all over my mouth and face, making a lot of noise! I hope you guys enjoy this video Edgardo hangover fuck session.


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