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Incident #230: On The Right Track – Chris Colt

Our latest deadbeat is a resident with a string of issues, usually the kind of issues coming out of a small opaque bottle. Well, to be fair the issues run deeper than than, but he has compounded his life ten-fold by becoming dependent on such things. We really want to help him become a better person, and in his case, we firmly believe that this includes order in his life. And, he also looks like a bitch, so we put him on cleaning detail. Unfortunately, he can’t even do this. Since he forgot to mop the kitchen floor, and his apology was only half-hearted, we thought we’d give him something to really be sorry about.

After explaining his situation once again to him, I had him go down on my cock while he was bound by my fellow House Manager. From that point on, it was actually a fun little training session. He looks like that nerdy type of guy who tries to rebel by getting ink and listening to some band that no one else has ever heard of. But that, combined with his other little problem, just make him one of many who are basically all the same. They all have so much in common it’s hard to remember one from another, in fact. However, the way his ass hole felt really sets him apart in my mind. Maybe it’s because his hands were tied to the bed, or maybe it’s just that his punk fuck hole really is that good. At any rate, it was interesting to see him pop wood while he was being treated in such a manner. I kept spinning him around, fucking him in different positions, and he actually enjoyed it for a while.

It’s the guys who enjoy being treated like pieces of sh*t that I worry about the most. They aren’t likely to progress as quickly as the others. However, at least they let you bang them, breed them, and slap them around – and then apologize to you afterward. That’s definitely the best part of the mind fuck. Well, this one got his hole creampied good, and it looked red, used, and glistened with jizz by the time I was done with him. Now, hopefully he will just clean the fucking floors when he is supposed to.

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