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Beau Lawrence & Thompson – Serviced

This was the first time I had Thompson on Servicing duty. He did fantastic! Beau said that he loved getting his dick sucked, but hardly every cums from an actual blow job. He was on the fence about doing the video, but since he had flown so far, he decided to go for it. Thompson slides in and starts by giving him a really good hand job. Once he starts using his mouth, it is so hot to see Beau roll his head around in pleasure. Beau sits up and gets his dick sucked, and then he gets up on his knees and fucks Thompson’s face. We had thought about doing his cum shot that way, but Beau needed to be laying down. So he laid back down. Thompson works his cock some more, and then Beau takes over and shoots his load onto Thompson’s face!

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Added: 25-09-2019 Duration: 18 min. Genre: Amateur, Blowjob, Lad, Tattoo Channel: Featuring: , Views:
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