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Harrison Todd Tops Ricky Bobby’s Tight Hole Raw

This scene starts with Harrison and Ricky making out. Harrison plays with Ricky’s cock through his compression shorts, before stripping them off to start jerking him. Ricky lays back as Harrison starts sucking his dick slowly. Taking it down his throat until he gags. Only stopping to pull Ricky’s dick out of his mouth and lick along the shaft. Then Harrison gets up to stand on his knees, showing off his 6 pack as Ricky blows him. Harrison thrusts into Ricky’s mouth as he uses his hand to guide his mouth deeper. He lays back, throwing his head back and closing his eyes in pleasure as Ricky takes that dick in his mouth. Ricky takes it as deep as he can, holding it there for a few moments before getting up to bend over. Harrison spreads Ricky’s ass, groping Ricky’s ass cheeks and then kissing them and working his way toward Ricky’s hole. He starts rimming Ricky, spitting on his tight hole and squeezing his ass while working his tongue deep inside. Then Harrison slips in a finger, exclaiming “fuck, you’re tight!” before asking Ricky if he wants the real thing…Ricky doesn’t, but Harrison reminds him he has to take it for the money. Ricky starts riding, squatting on top of Harrison while he tries to ease inside him raw. But he’s too tight, and they switch positions for Ricky to bend over while Harrison penetrates him from behind. Harrison starts fucking him slow and easy, showing off his athletic body as he works his way deeper inside Ricky. Before long, he’s fucking him hard and fast. They switch positions again, Ricky laying on his back while Ricky pounds him harder and harder. He pushes Ricky’s legs back over his head making Ricky gasp “You fuck me so good!” Harrison pulls out to finish on Ricky’s stomach, and then eats his ass until Ricky shoots his load all over himself.


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