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Jane lent me Tarzan to blow him

We got lucky that Jane lent me Tarzan to blow him lol, I am just kidding, I don’t know the name of Beefcake Tarzan’s wife but for sure she is a lucky woman, because he is so sexy, and his cock is to die for 🙂 It took me a while to convince Tarzan to visit BeefCakeHunter Land. He and his wife have created some content in the past, but he has never ventured beyond his known sexual borders, but thanks to his wife and some plans that they have for the near future, he finally took my offer! In this occasion that Jane lent me Tarzan to blow him I was not sure to cast him with his long hair or not, but I ended up deciding not to, if there is another shooting with him, I will let him show his long hair in its full glory, after all he is very masculine, with a deep voice and attractive tanned body for been working outside under the sun for long hours, and the long hair just add more sex appeal to his persona….ummm. After chatting a lot about his day, work and why they call him Tarzan I got between his thick tanned legs and I started caress them, for my surprise he took it well, even though you can tell his nervousness of having for the first time a guy this close, but Beefcake Tarzan was ready for the BCH treatment by not wearing underwear. I began by licking his big balls and his cock started to grow faster than I expected, and honestly, I didn’t think that it will be that big and beautiful! I took my time with this one! Deep throat was the main dish in this session, Tarzan’s cock is perfect for that and I love when he was softly moaning of pleasure when laying his head back, you could tell that he may never had his cock worshiped like that lol It was a long servicing and I am not complaining for it, but he surprised me when he cum, I did not expect it at all and we almost miss the cum-shot for the cameras, I was very worried about it, anyways was a great jizz explosion after a great oral service, he really let me wanting more, and the good news is that he said that is coming back for more, so I hope you guys enjoy this video Jane lent me Tarzan to blow him.


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