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Pretty Boy Pound Down – Trevor Harris & Austin Lovett

Up to no good, and lookin’ for tasty trouble in the best of ways, new twink on the town, Austin Lovett leads Trevor Harris into his bedroom. Then, twink porn titan Trevor takes the reigns, pushing Austin onto the bed, and tasting that smooth teen torso while palming his protruding package. Harris is horned up and hungry for a big meal; so, he strips the slender young stud of his bulging, black underwear. His hard dick springs from it’s tight cock confines with a thunderous thud, smacking the twink’s tight stomach with stiff strength. Harris works the wide wang with his huge hand, and talented throat, gasping for air along the way. Cocked up and confident with a job well done, Harris stands proud and presents his pulsing piece for Lovett’s licking pleasure. The newbie teases Travis with small tastes of the head at first, then surprises the sex star with ball deep, dick dives! Our big dicked recipient can’t resist inspecting Austin’s smooth ass while the suck slut swallows him whole. Hard, and hungry for hole, Harris orders the hottie to turn around and get on his knees. The boy does as he’s told, and is rewarded with a warm tongue shoved deep in that incredible ass. He thrusts his booty back at him, tempting Trevor to go deeper. Knowing the boy needs a good boning, Harris manhandles him by the hips, then crams his cock all the way in and is balls deep by the second thrust! He pumps the newbie full of fuck, firing on all cylinders, as their bodies crash into one another, creating that ass smashing sound of sweet, boy sex. Keeping in control, Harris hops on Lovett’s extra long dong and rides it rough, while pulling his own pleasure pole which reaches halfway up the twink’s torso! Wanting back in the boy’s tight back alley, Trevor tears back into Austin’s asshole with renewed, raw ramming, big dick energy. He hammers his huge hog hard, and sends pleasure pouring from his boy’s bone. Then, Harris hoses the dude down GOOD, coating Lovett with a liquid load of lust, and leaving them both breathless, spent, sweaty, and severely satisfied.


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