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Getting An Assist – Austin Young, Eli Bennet & Lance Charger

Getting An Assist – Austin Young, Eli Bennet & Lance Charger
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My name’s Lance Charger and I’m the new guy in town. I used to work as a money man in the city. What can I say? I loved life in the fast lane, but the work-hard-play-hard mentality was pretty bad for my marriage! We divorced about three years ago, fairly amicably as it happens, but the process forced me to do a hell of a lot of soul searching. Long story short, I took early retirement, I got a few tattoos, and I realized I was into guys! I moved out here to spend most of my days indulging my passions for fishing and baseball. I took a part-time position coaching sports at a local school and, for the first time in my life, I feel alive! It turns out that I’m actually pretty good at inspiring young people. Sometimes I’m out there, on the field, giving the boys a few choice hints and tips, and I can see the light going on in their eyes. That’s a really great feeling. I’m very proud of my boys. They’re already winning matches and their physiques are changing on a weekly basis. I’ve got them all on a pretty strict regime of exercise, weights, and healthy food and it’s working miracles. Some of those boys are getting pretty buff! Perhaps I shouldn’t be noticing that sort of thing, but it’s hard to ignore all those raging hormones floating about in the locker room after a game! The biggest culprit is undoubtedly a young guy, Austin. I’m pretty sure that boy knows what life’s all about, if you get my drift? He’s the shortest on the team, and not the most talented batter, but I’d be staggered if he hadn’t managed to get home on numerous occasions! He exudes confidence and has started regularly giving me these looks that tell me that, if I want something from him, all I have to do is make the first move. The other boy I’ve taken a bit of a shine to is young Eli. He’s a cute, skinny, dark-haired boy who seems a little unsure of himself, but there’s something special about him. He and Austin are fairly inseparable at the moment, and I’ve often wondered if Austin’s been secretly showing Eli “the ropes.” Maybe that’s just in my dreams… Things have been getting more intense lately. Eli’s gotten a little more cocky and he and Austin often whisper to each other and giggle when I walk past in my gym gear. I usually flash them a smile which tells them it’s okay to look… and fantasize… and, to tell you the truth, the thought of being the beef in an Austin-Eli sandwich has got me jerking pretty much every night. A couple of days ago, everything seemed to coalesce after a game. I could tell the boys were hanging about after the rest of the team had left, whispering to each other, giggling, and looking over at me. I turned my back for a few seconds, and when I turned around again, I was pretty amazed to find them kissing. And when I say kissing, I mean kissing. Tongues. Arms all over each other. The works! I watched for a few moments, then coughed discreetly. Austin looked up at me, and, almost arrogantly, said, “do you wanna join us?” I must have blushed so red. I was staggered by his forwardness, and, if I’m honest, I could feel the blood rushing to more than just my face! I put on my best schoolmaster voice and told them the locker room probably wasn’t the most appropriate place to be making out. I was astonished when Austin fixed me with that cocky look again and simply said, “then we better head to your office.” Don’t ask me how, why, or even when I made the decision to lead them to my office, but shortly thereafter, they were sitting on my couch. The door was locked and I was standing above them with a rock hard dick, wondering what the fuck was going on but desperate not to stop it! Seconds later, I had my lips wrapped around Austin’s, while Eli stood behind me feeling up my ass. These two boys knew exactly what they were doing and exactly what they wanted. I think it was when Austin pushed me face down onto the couch that I realized the boys were the ones that were going to be calling the shots. And in the interests of my post-retirement go-with-the-flow philosophy, I entirely relinquished control! Austin got his big dick out of his shorts and I was instantly down on it gagging like a starving slut while Young Eli stripped me naked and got to work on my ass. Then they swapped places so I could get a taste of Eli’s beautiful upward-curving dick. I tell you, I was in absolute heaven! Austin asked if I wanted his dick and was soon pushing his raw boy meat into me. And let me tell you, that boy knew exactly what he was doing. Within seconds, I was purring like a contented tiger, utterly addicted to him. It was then Eli’s turn to fuck. He was plainly no less experienced and went at it with a level of intensity which kinda blew my mind. Here I was thinking this timid young man was looking to me for direction. Now I could see that deep down inside was a champion waiting to be released! Oh, to be young again and have a dick which doubles as a weapon of mass destruction! Austin was definitely calling the shots and told me (with great authority) to lie on the couch so he could fuck me from the front. Then he spun me around to let Eli take his turn in that position! Austin pumped his dick in and out of my mouth, amused every time I gagged or choked. I ended up in some sort of crazy trance, not really knowing which one of them was in which hole. At one point, Austin was back inside my ass in some sort of press up position, literally slamming himself into me with all of that youthful force and exuberance, like he was somehow trying to get his dick to come out of my belly button! I don’t recall ever being fucked with such intensity! I was almost relieved when he started to gasp, and it became clear he needed to explode. He pulled his dick out of my tight ass and sprayed his sticky jizz all over my belly and rock hard dick. Of course, he immediately pushed himself back inside so that my hole would still be nice and lubed when Eli took over. Eli went at it real fast and hard, and I wasn’t at all surprised when his dick started to swell and I could feel him squirting his huge load deep into my guts. I literally cannot wait to find out what these boys have planned for the next time!


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