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Jerking Off With Dad – Jonathan F Maze & Legrand Wolf

These last few months have been quite a ride! If anyone had told me at the start of the year that I was on the cusp of entering into a whirlwind relationship with my own son, I’d almost certainly have thought they were joking, but here we are! It developed very slowly. For the longest time, we were both fighting feelings that we just didn’t understand. I guess there’s always a pretty massive hurdle to jump over when you’re dealing with what most people would define as taboo, but the more we denied the way we felt, the more obsessed we became about acting on those feelings. Then I guess it just exploded… Jonathan is such a special boy. I am so proud of the way that he’s developed. He’s kind, conscientious, a great sportsman and his grades are off the scale good. He’s everything I could have asked for in a son. He’s also an insanely sexy and sensual lover and I live for every second that we spend together! To begin with, it was hard to get away from everyone else to spend time alone together, but as things developed sexually and we started to crave time together, the father-son trips out to the log cabin in the woods became increasingly regular. It’s so nice to be able to lock a door on the outside world and just be together, as lovers, for a few days. Most people would probably look at us and think how great it is that we enjoy each other’s company so much. It always astonishes me how much you can get away with right under other people’s noses! We were back at the cabin last weekend. Jonathan’s started doing weights. It’s sweet – ever since we’ve been together, he’s been working on his body. I think he might be a bit conscious about the slightness of his frame. He may have inherited charm, wit and devastatingly handsome looks from his old man, but I don’t think he’s gonna end up being anything like as tall as me. Of course, that’s all part of his appeal. I love that I’m so much taller and broader. He’ll always be my son and I’ll always want to look after him. When I scoop him up in my arms, I want him to feel safe and protected… Seeing him in a T-shirt and jock, covered in sweat, lying on his back, lifting dumbbells is a sight which makes me feel very very horny. We were chilling out in the sauna at the cabin. I was in my robe and for a while I just sat and watched him, feeling vaguely proud. Then, of course, the blood suddenly started pumping in my ears. I get this insuppressible rush with Jonathan where all I can think about is sex. It’s a sort of deep, powerful, carnal instinct which kinda engulfs me and makes me need to get the spunk that made him back inside his body again. I walked over to him and gently ran my finger over the bulge in his jock while he continued to lift the weights. His technique with the dumbbells was all wrong and despite feeling horny, I had to fix that before anything else happened! Once a doctor, always a doctor, and I didn’t want my own son to end up damaging himself! I decided to show him how to lift a kettlebell for maximum impact on his glutes. Yeah, yeah, I know: I’ve a vested interest in his ass being as tight and firm as possible but it suddenly struck me as I watched him squatting and lifting the weight that he has the most perfect ass. And in that jock it looked more enticing than ever…
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