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A good day with Joe

A good day with Joe
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A good day with Joe it was really that, because there is nothing that we love more here at BeefCakeHunter Land than a sexy hairy straight guy! And like he said, he has hair everywhere! Beefcake Joe is a handsome Landscaper. He started working at a young age at his dad’s Landscaping company, but they suffered a big robbery of their equipment that practically put them out of business, so after that he begun working with another company until now that he came to BCH for a “hand” and why not a “mouth” so this sexy young dude may start his own business soon. I love how Beefcake Joe opened himself to me in our chat by sharing the good and the bad aspects of his life, I really appreciated that. He is easy-going, humble and you can tell that as soon he learned that I love hairy legs he felt so accomplished and started smiling a lot. While been between his legs it was impossible for me to hide I was having A good day with Joe; the excitement was too much as I was unveiling his hairy body and knowing that there was a four days load packed in his beautiful nuts waiting to be squeeze out..ummm, and Joe is the kind of Beefcake that would show you how good the BCH treatment feels, especially when I was deep throating him, and there is a lot of deep throat going on in this video, I mean, I really wanted to eat him whole lol Thankfully Joe lasted long, giving me the chance to feast on his cock and body and the view from below to his sexy face moaning of pleasure is priceless! I could go on for hours, but I put him to the edge the minute I got rough at deep throating his cock, and he started to beg me to do no stop and continue. I really wanted that load in my mouth, but from the moment he said he was cumming to the actual cum shot there was a gap and I missed it lol, but the good thing that you guys got to enjoy that abundant amount of semen flying out of his delicious cock! So, I hope there is not complains. I hope you guys enjoy A good day with Joe video and I already have good news for you Hunters! He said that is coming back to visit my back door, so stay tuned for more of handsome Beefcake Joe!


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