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Beefcake Ramon paid me a delicious surprise visit

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Beefcake Ramon paid me a delicious surprise visit before leaving town, and I decided to receive him on my knees by the door of the BCH arena. The view was heavenly after he crossed the door, like welcoming an angel. Well, this angel was horny, so I quickly jumped to business! After pulling down his shorts and underwear, I started slowly with his balls, but it was a minute or two until I got him fully hard. On this occasion, I noticed he was very fixed on the pussy porn playing, but gradually, I moved him into the BeefCakeHunter Land “zone.” By the moment I asked him if I could rim him, I won him over, and he became the same Beefcake Ramon that we all love; he started moaning, being verbal, face-fucking me, and pre-cumming a lot! He almost cum a couple of times…hot! Once I had him lying down, I sucked him some more before I put the condom on his delicious thick cock. After accommodating his meat inside my hole, I rode him well, grabbing his hard chest and looking at his handsome face. I loved that he was looking back at me, but the best part was about to happen; even though I was ridding him, he fucked me too, with a lot of energy; if you guys noticed, we paused a few times, yeah, he was about to nut, and I couldn’t let that happen, right? No, yet, lol. Then I moved to lay down on my back and have him on top of me so he could pound me in the missionary position. He fucked me like that with a lot of energy. He was totally in the “zone,” moaning, sweating, and, of course, on edge, but I begged him to hold it as much as he could for the sake of the show, and he did it; he deserves a lot of praise for that. As a side note, I was in BCH Heaven whenever his face was close to mine; I wanted to kiss him so badly! When I finally gave him the ok to cum, he ejected that jizz so hard that I could feel it, it was terrific, and he ended up exhausted and sweaty. He was out of breath, lol. I hope you guys enjoy this video Beefcake Ramon paid me a delicious surprise visit, and I hope he pays me more and more stops like this.