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Hot bouncer Patrick got serviced

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Beefcake Patrick is a bouncer referred to me by one of my girlfriends. She told me that he was looking for a modeling job, and she knows that we always have openings here at BeefCakeHunter Land, so that is how this Hot bouncer got serviced. When I first met him, I was impressed by his imponent figure, roughness, and earnest attitude; I won’t lie, my dear Hunters, all that made me a little nervous, lol, but after talking with him a bit, I noticed that is the way he usually is, so, all my BCH years of experience have taught me to deal with every type of man, especially the sexy ones lol. Once on my knees between his big legs, I couldn’t hold myself to celebrate his figure, and I even dared to touch his firm chest. Then when I pulled all his clothes, I noticed he had big balls, which enthusiasm me; you know how much I love to suck balls. Surprisingly, after his serious and shy demeanor, while this Hot bouncer got serviced, he also paid much attention to what I was doing there. Little by little, he started to open by asking me if I liked it; of course, who wouldn’t want that beautiful thick veiny cock, especially in a hot man like him! A few minutes more into the encounter, he could tell I was enjoying so much his fat cock, and he got verbal and, at some point, even demanded me to suck it! LOL Wow, I was in BCH Heaven! When I started tasting his pre-cum, I knew he was ready to bust, but I wanted to continue enjoying him, but then he asked where I wanted his jizz, so yeah, it was time for him to deliver his precious juice, a sweet juice if you ask me. He was loud and sexy while cumming! I hope you guys enjoy this Hot bouncer got serviced video.


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