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Milking sexy mixed Black Persian dude for breakfast

Beefcake Kane a sexy electrician that just arrived in town that morning. So early, that neither him nor I had breakfast yet, but who is thinking about that morning meal when you can feast a good servicing on the couch at BeefCakeHunter Land, right? 😉

He had the weekend off, so he decided to come to the BCH arena for some oral relief and why not some extra bucks. He told his girlfriend he would be visiting his dad over the weekend, and for this trip he saved a weeks’ load… hmm a lot of milk for me to start the day with lol.

Kane has a lots of tattoos in his upper body but that is not a problem for me, besides if we add his hairy legs and hairy armpits that add so much to his sexiness and masculinity, and you know Hunters that I am sucker (literally) for hairy legs lol.

Milking sexy mixed Black Persian dude for breakfast started slow. First with his head that was already semi-hard, I am not sure if for the pussy porn playing or for the typical expectations the Beefcakes have when they know they are about to be serviced by a hungry mouth like mine. Anyways, since he also has a very tasty pair of balls, I spent a lot of time licking them, kissing them, caressing them… I mean a lot of time, suddenly he forgot about the porn playing and I was the absolute owner of his beautiful eyes J.

Another treat of this sexy mixed dude is how softly verbal he is, throughout the session he made sure that I knew I was doing a good job with my mouth, every time he whispered “fuck”… that was music to my ears! Something that encouraged me even more and my response was some serious deepthroat to his thick beautiful cock!

During this session I went in different speed paces, kissing his hairy legs now and then, but when getting close to the end I went into a feeding frenzy. Like the breakfast time was almost over, and our big reward was that incredible huge load that went all over my face. Wow what a nice load accompanied by a lot of laughs of satisfaction and a compliment by him…

I hope you guys enjoy this video Milking sexy mixed Black Persian dude for breakfast.

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