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Worshipping and kissing Danny

Worshipping and kissing Danny
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Worshipping and kissing Danny session started off right from the action, a perfect scenario for the highly expected, quiet, serious and indifferent, but, sexy Beefcake Danny. Having him standing up in the middle of BeefCakeHunter Land, while he is selecting and watching his favorite porn, I did not waste time and getting on my knees and caressing his sexy legs and semi hard cock! By the time I got his shorts down, his nice tool was already hard for me to wrap my lips around it…ummmm. You guys know that I LOVE to kiss, lick and suck balls, and Danny has one of the most beautiful pair of balls at BCH. Then after turning my attention to his dick head I begun suck and deep throat him, he surprised me with a breve but nice face fucking 😉 After that I got him to seat down on the crib mattress. He was totally unaware of what was going to happen next, but he knows he doesn’t need to worry for whatever was in store, that may be what kept his boner ready for me to continue and finally do a Worshipping and kissing Danny video. Seated next to him I massaged him, lick and kiss his armpits (funny how he kept his arm up…lol) nipples, arms, fingers, feet and legs, I left the kissing part for was coming ahead. Seated down and facing him, I begun to ride him, first slow, then fast, and then….out of nowhere I kissed him, what sweet lips this sexy young dude has! Ummm, and the best part was that he gently allowed me to do so, I know… I know, some of you Hunters would need an explanation: Danny knew at some point this would happen, he knows that we would have to add some variety for the sake of doing more videos and for his fans, he understand that his fans would love this…., any other questions? No? …good, let’s move on… 😉 Like I said we added variety in this session, and of course I did reverse cowgirl, doggy and last but no least: a long, deep and full of kisses missionary position. In the missionary part, I got so into it, that at some point I did fuck him (with my hole, of course) his hard cock, few seconds after that he got more enthusiastic and finished inside me with a silent, but full of a warm week load orgasm, that I swear, I could feel it , filing up the condom… I hope you guys enjoy this video Worshipping and kissing Danny video.