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Time is Money – Archie Bakk & Mac Savage

This week we got Mac Savage, a hard working blue-collar guy on his lunch break. He is skeptical at first, but, a pair of boobs and some money convinces him on the bus. Mac gets blindfolded. and Archiebakk gets to work on his cock. He sucks his thick cock so well that He couldn’t tell the difference. until he took off his blindfold. Mac freaks out but it’s too late. we offer him six grand to fuck Archiebakk, He is so greedy and horny that he just fucks Archiebakk. He stuffs Archiebakk’s ass with his cock. After thrusting in his bussy he burst a nut all over his face. We get him off the bus and we make a speedy exit, time is money.