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Evan loved his award prize

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It was a long day at work for Beefcake Evan, so after finishing his shift, he had some drinks with his co-workers before heading to his side gig at BeefCakeHunter Land late at night. As he arrived at the improvised BCH arena, I noticed that he needed a refreshing shower, the perfect occasion to get one of those highly requested shower scenes. In our previous encounter last year, he learned about the contest for the Beefcake of the Year 2022 and his nomination, but I guess he forgot about it; otherwise, I think he would have come more prepared for the occasion, but it doesn’t matter; he is still looking so hot just having the wet towel around his lower body while sitting down and receiving his award. After reading the card, it is evident that Beefcake Evan loved his award prize, so I loved his expression. Evan loved his award prize, but I think I should have left that for the end of the session because after he knew how much he won, he decided just to go for a blow job scene this time, sorry Hunters, I know many of you were waiting for him to fuck me, but to be honest, he really seemed to have a long day and just wanted to sit, relax, wind out and enjoy an excellent old blowjob while doing some poppers lol, I usually avoid to do that in scenes, but we just went with the flow, I hope you don’t mind my dear friends. After he got hard, relatively fast, he just enjoyed my servicing by moaning and putting his head backward. At that moment, I was worried that he was too relaxed, and I dint want to miss his hot facial expressions when I was edging him, yeah, he was about to cum a few times, so some pauses were required. I guess he was missing my head very much, lol. I was surprised to see him going hard on the poppers; it was supposed to be his first time doing it, lol. Anyways, I knew he just wanted to blow that load so bad, and I just wanted to go all the way with his cock, so I didn’t stop again until he finished, and when he did it, he contortioned his sexy body so wild, that was hot! It was time for another shower! The good thing about being a bj scene is that Mr. Beefcake of the Year 2022 will be ready to visit my backdoor soon. Stay tuned for that, Hunters!